Standards of Accreditation of Mediators in Georgia


  • Salome Koberidze


standards of accreditation of a mediator, certification, license, scheme of accreditation, continuous education, mediation trainings, regulations, mediation center.


The purpose of the paper is to emphasize the advantages of establishing standards of accreditation of mediators in the conditions, when the mediation institute in Georgia is in its initial stage of development and has low recognition and trust within the society. It is important to pay attention on those standards, which are appropriate for applying to a person willing to acquire the title of a mediator and which will be one of the most important steps towards eradication of those issues, which in the Georgian reality the mediation institute is facing now.  The paper also surveys the establishment of regulatory legislative mechanisms of standards of accreditation of a mediator, which shall be developed for regulation of this issue.

Author Biography

Salome Koberidze

MA Student at New Vision University


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