The author transfers copyright to the journal to the extent to which it is necessary to provide the publishing of the paper; therefore, for the purposes of scientific-technical editing, print and digital publishing, translation, and visual processing.

The authors of the published papers remain to hold the non-proprietary copyright of the publication.

The author maintains the right to further revision and reproduction of the paper with an expressed reference of the journal as the primary source of publication.

In the case of co-authorship, authors share collective responsibility for the manuscript content and academic fairness, regardless of their science degree or title, the scope, and contribution to the research provided in the paper.

The paper may be published under a pseudonym. Yet, it is restricted to submit the manuscript for publication anonymously by using only a pseudonym.

Reference of an individual or a group of persons as author or co-authors implies their mutual composition of the submitted paper unless confirmed contrary.

Authors are allowed to deposit versions of their paper work in an institutional or other repositories database.