Women’s Engagement in Mediation and Peacebuilding Process – An Instrument for Equality


  • Ann Khurtsidze




Mediation process, peace studies, peacebuilding, woman in mediation, gender equality, mediation for equality.


Mediation is acknowledged as one of the most effective alternative dispute resolution methods and plays a crucial role in the peacebuilding process and peace studies. In order to ensure its efficacy and achieve equality, it is imperative to involve both male and female negotiators throughout the peacekeeping and peacebuilding processes. The gender disparity among mediators represents an unjust practice that needs to be eliminated.


Various studies and practical examples have revealed that the inclusion of female mediators in conflict resolution, particularly in intra-state and inter-state conflicts, enhances the significance of women in society, elevates their social status, and cultivates an environment conducive to gender equality. This impact is particularly pronounced in closed, traditional, and conservative societies where religious origins often influence social and cultural norms. Mediation is a potent process with multiple direct and indirect positive effects; it can serve as a prerequisite for the ongoing peaceful coexistence of societies while challenging norms that hinder the universal recognition and acceptance of equality.

Author Biography

Ann Khurtsidze

Mediator, Dean of Law School at the University of Georgia.


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